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This book is an odyssey into the truth of leadership’s nature and essence. It is written in a contemplative style and uses dialogue to exercise a leader’s will, intelligence, and spirit using dialogue, meditation, and contemplation.

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About the Book
This book is an odyssey into the truth of leadership’s nature and essence. Written for aspiring leaders, teachers of leaders, and followers, the aim is to practice awakening a leader’s potential. The book mirrors and reflects the inner nature of the leadership journey.

It is written in a contemplative style and uses dialogue to exercise a leader’s will, intelligence, and spirit. The techniques taught in these chapters are dialogue, meditation, and contemplation.

The author seeks to teach leaders how to exercise the power of will and the power of intelligence to make the kinetic chain of knowing, willing, and acting morally and intellectually strong. Reading this book serves as a leadership development exercise.

This book is a teaching tool designed to demystify what takes place in the interior nature of a leader. It examines a leader’s soul, as it is exercised and strengthened in preparation for the cardinal act of leading, and it analyzes the act of making practical judgments, an act that demands the cultivation of a discerning mind to see and know the truth to be acted upon.

Based on a true story, these chapters are a reflection on the formation of a leader and a realization of twenty years of research. The author studies the question: What does it take to develop a leader? Deliberations on eight years of guiding leaders on moral and intellectual quests in search of true freedom are revealed.


An answer and cure to all those ‘five rules’ to leadership books that are so popular but clearly fail to build or inspire anything that resembles leadership. This novel is a journey. The reader is along for the ride on a physical, cognitive, and spiritual adventure between two people wrestling with some of modern day’s toughest challenges in the realms of leadership and what some call ‘management.’ In the tradition of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, the book guides the reader to look internally at the nerve centers of people and society’s weaknesses. It strips ego, money, and fame away from power, responsibility, and authority. It does not accept the quick wins and amoral thinking that seems to dominate much of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. It instead looks to ways to motivate people to elevate and transcend themselves to live purposeful lives. There are no easy answers. There are no ‘three easy steps.’ There are no quick fixes. There are no sudden changes. The path to becoming and then to improving as a leader is a never-ending cycle and struggle. Finally an author has the guts to say what so many are thinking. This book is as ambitious as it is modest. It spans millennia of philosophy and science. At the same time it admits questions that have no answers. It admits hardship and struggle in the pursuit of leadership.
- Warrior
If Plato's Republic was an inquiry into the what and why of a just soul, Krupa's Gospel of Leadership is, the how to, instructional guide to become a just soul. Most leadership books miss the mark as they tend to describe steps leaders do, but leadership is not a 12-step process. Rather, it is a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. This book describes the journey one must take to continually find their potential. Leading in the light of truth is the only way to lead free souls in a turbulent and chaotic world. The practices required to discover the truth are laid bare in the book. Rigorous training is essential to hone the skills of contemplation, meditation, mindfulness, harmony, analysis, and synthesis. The message of the book is challenging and refreshing. It exposes the lies of society and industry. It is uplifting to the spirit. It demands a leader must first conquer their own soul before they are worthy to lead other souls.
- Warrior
It took me almost two months to finish the book. Not because I was lazy but because I wanted to understand, to follow, to learn. This is an intense book from the author who is living so deeply and courageously. This text is not for everyone. I dare to say it's not for the most of us. Even a year ago I would probably struggle to grasp the concept. But somehow, some things let me finally in. This is a powerful book that I would like to recommend to those who live their lives in constant inquiry, in every day search. Who have open minds and patience to follow even one something does not make sense but determination to understand perseveres and finally lets you in. This is text full of wisdom, questions, depths, existential weight. If you are ready, it will reveal you a glimpse of a pathless path. A path of a true leader. Thank you, Ryan. There is so much I don't know and your devotion to the calling and following you on the quest is opening something for me. I don't know what it is yet. Or maybe I don't have words for it.
- Seeker



About the Author
KRUPA is the Co-Founder and CEO of MOSAIC, a strategic services firm. The purpose of MOSAIC is two-fold: (1) To serve as a guide in the development of enlightened leaders and (2) To awaken and actualize potential and purpose in individuals and groups. KRUPA is devoted to the pursuit of truth as a noble endeavor. For more information contact MOSAIC at



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