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by Jo Singel

147 pages
THE LAST BOAT OUT takes on events and circumstances that have always existed but never with such far-reaching impact. Readers will undoubtedly sympathize with those who fall by the wayside and also those who rise to the occasion.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The consciousness and leadership series, the first book of which was, THE ECHO OF BREATH, continues with Book 2, THE LAST BOAT OUT, where the focus is on how to deal with an expanding crisis which is affecting the entire world.

The solution being planned grows in its importance to global survival. However, in the midst of planning its implementation, several of the insiders, in collaboration with powerful elites, hijack the Enlighten Initiative for their own purposes, injecting a deadly complication that will serve them but have awful repercussions to humanity. This shift to the dark side will cause a group of leaders and their supporters to plan an escape prior to the deadly event.

The escape is called The Last Boat Out and the story consists of many twists - duplicity, mendacity and faithlessness being just a few of them. Intriguing, artfully created, questioning and motivating, the conspiracy raises many questions for the reader and secures Jo Singelís reputation as a supreme storyteller.


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About the Author
A conscious revolutionary who takes nothing for granted in her quest for creating a more aware world, Jo Singel's passion and devotion to an evolving humanity has been acknowledged by those who know her. Her relentless pursuit of the betterment of the world has driven her throughout her life.



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