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The Man in the Arena: Surviving Multiple Myeloma Since 1992 by James D. Bond

The Man in the Arena: Surviving Multiple Myeloma Since 1992

by James D. Bond

172 pages
This is a true story of James Bond's survival of multiple myeloma since 1992. Many say his caregiver wife, Kathleen, and Jim's story inspires them. Multiple myeloma survival is about 5 years. There is no cure, yet.

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About the Book
The author's profits for this book go to cancer charities.

The LLS (Leukemia, Lymphoma Society) has placed this book on their recommended reading list.

James Bond's survival of multiple myeloma since 1992 is an amazing story of tenacity, hard work and good fortune. In this book Jim shares his and his caregiver wife's, Kathleen, approaches and experiences and difficulties.

This book provides two acronyms Jim developed that summarize their approaches to surviving a deadly, incurable blood cancer.

Multiple myeloma's average survival is about 5 years. There is no cure, yet. Jim primarily is treated in Cleveland at University Hospital's Seidman Cancer Center and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, with second opinions from Mayo Clinic and Mass. General doctors specializing in multiple myeloma.

They continue to share their story, which they have done in over 30 US states, Washing DC at the National Academy of Science, and in Canada, Spain and Japan. They welcome opportunities to help other multiple myeloma patients and caregivers by sharing their experiences.

They do not give medical or drug advice in their talks nor in this book.

They live in greater Cleveland, Ohio and enjoy their 2 grown boys, their wives, and 3 grandchildren.

Searching Jim's name and multiple myeloma provides much of their story and contact information.


James Bond is an ideal patient for any physician intelligent, vitally interested in his disease, pleasant, and with a sincere desire to help other patients. He and Kathleen played a major role in the development of Hope Lodges in a number of cities.

Following retirement from his long-time accounting firm at age 60, he and Kathleen traveled the country with the American Cancer Society (ACS) telling his story of multiple myeloma.

It is an extremely rare multiple myeloma patient who has gone through so much therapy and survive three decades of the disease. I had the opportunity of meeting Jim and Kathleen in 2019 when they spoke at a Patient Support Group meeting in Rochester, and he looked surprisingly good.

I strongly recommend that multiple myeloma patients as well as anyone in the myeloma field read his fascinating book.

Robert A. Kyle, MD
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


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About the Author
James D. Bond James D Bond graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University, earning the top spot in the Business College, while taking classes in the OU Honors College. He is a retired partner at Ernst & Young (EY). His 39-year career was in EYs Boston, National, Cleveland and Global offices.

He and Kathleen live in Shaker Heights, OH and have been married over 50 years. They have 2 married sons, James E Bond (Emilee) and Robert D Bond (Stacey), and 3 grandchildren.



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