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The Mandarin Bottle by Linda Shields Allison

The Mandarin Bottle

by Linda Shields Allison

230 pages
Sold into slavery at six, Yah Ying is kidnapped and sent to the gold fields of San Francisco. A mysterious Mandarin Bottle helps her journey south on El Camino Real. She must confront past deeds and learn to trust the people she meets.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult:Historical
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About the Book
Sold into slavery at six, Yah Ying knows she is nothing like her name, Precious Jewel. She works in the palatial household of the evil Master Chen as the lowest of the low. At ten, she is told to attend a British missionary school to learn English and become Chenís secret spy. For four years, he brainwashes her to believe that the British, who control Hong Kong, are foreign devils. He grooms her to commit a diabolical deed, then kidnaps, and ships her to San Francisco where she is sold to work as a slave in the gold fields. In 1855, she discovers a mysterious bottle, which changes from lavender to shades of red, black, and gold. The Mandarin Bottle helps Yah Ying and Juan Romero guide a family south on the old mission trail, El Camino Real. Along the way, she is forced to face dark secrets from her past.


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About the Author
Linda Shields Allison Linda Shields Allison lives with her husband in San Diego, California. She received a B.A. from the University of California at San Bernardino and a master's degree in education from Azusa Pacific University. She is retired from teaching elementary education. The Mandarin Bottle is her fourth book in the series.



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