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The Clever Toad: THE RACE by Danny Wilson

The Clever Toad: THE RACE

by Danny Wilson

32 pages
The Clever Toad - The Race is a fairytale story of a toad wanting to marry a frog, but must finish a challenge to win the hand of the princess. The toad comes up with an idea and the race is on.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Thomas Find, a toad, has known Princess Tina, a frog, his whole life. The two grew up together and fell in love. But Tina's father, the King, does not approve of Tina marrying a toad, even if he is a well-respected, hard-working toad like Thomas. So the King chooses two frog suitors for his daughter. Thomas refuses to give up his true love though, so he seeks a way to win her hand. When he comes across an old marriage law, he thinks he just may have a chance, but it will take careful planning and a bit of creativity. Thomas is willing to try anything and so the king agrees to a race for his daughter's hand in marriage, and the race is on.


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About the Author
The Author wishes good health and prosperity. The author loves to write. He has written poetry, fiction and also writes business analysis works. The author has three degrees including a master’s degree of management. The author grew up in southern America near the rivers and remembers playing with frogs and his dog. The author was was inspired to write The Clever Toad because of his fun memories and the many stories he was told. The author enjoyed writing The Clever Toad - the race and hope it will become a classic you will enjoy.



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