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Be My Friend Until I Die: On caring for my dying husband who has Alzheimer's by Elizabeth S Cole, MSW

Be My Friend Until I Die: On caring for my dying husband who has Alzheimer's

by Elizabeth S Cole, MSW

50 pages
This wise and poignant memoir offers a pragmatic glimpse into the joy, pain and humility experienced while caring for a dying loved one with Alzheimer's disease. It is the story of their love as they faced their greatest challenge together.

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About the Book

This brief memoir is for anyone who is struggling to care for a dying loved one who has Alzheimer's disease. It explores the attributes of a 48 year marriage that enabled Jack and Betsy to navigate their last and most difficult journey together; mutual respect, honest communication, enduring love, and a shared sense of humor. Betsy has written a loving and candid account of their shared experiences and her struggle to care for Jack at home in the five years that followed his Alzheimers diagnosis. While each phase of the disease's progression brought new challenges and new lessons to both of them, it was specially hard for Betsy as she grappled with decisions about Jack's care and her own needs as she tried to preserve their way of life. It tells of the many invaluable ways their hospice service helped and supported them through it all.

In a rare and precious moment of lucidity, just a few months before he died, Jack expressed his deep appreciation for her care and enduring love..."Betsy you are a little bit girlfriend, a little bit wife, a little bit mother, and a little bit saint... Be my friend untilI die".

This wise and poignant memoir by the wife who earned that tribute offers a glimpse into the joy and pain and humility that many caregivers experience as they care for someone with Alzheimer's disease.



About the Author
Elizabeth S Cole, MSW Elizabeth S (Betsy) Cole has a BA from Seton Hill University and a Masters in Social Work fro Rutgers University. Her 34 year career was spent working in Child Welfare. She was an internationally recognized expert in Foster Care and Adoption.



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