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Baeorillia: Beyond the Flames by Derrick Sasuman

Baeorillia: Beyond the Flames

by Derrick Sasuman

756 pages
In the midst of a Civil War, the youth called to fight will rise to the challenge. Weighed by their hopes, their dreams, their pride and love; they will decide the future of the world.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
A great Civil War tears the once stable Southern Empire of Hayu-Min. The Chayumi, deeply oppressed and hated by the Shiyumi Empire, rose to fight for their freedoms.

Shaeng Min-Yun, the banished Crowned Prince of the Southern Empire of Hayu-Min, struggles to understand his place in the nation. As his Clan works to undermine him, he will have to find a way to rise above the obstacles they placed before him despite lacking the Fire that makes his Clan so great.

Zheng Qi Lin, the heiress of the Chayumi People, leads the rebellion against the Empire. Her hatred, her anger, will lead them to the path of glory, or to burning defeat. Praised as the rebirth of the last Queen of Tianxia, the Chayumi Homeland, she struggles to decide who, or what, she wants to be.

As the wars continue, the betrayals and court intrigue grip their nations with poisoned claws, a greater power grows in the shadows, watching and waiting. If they cannot look Beyond the Flames, this power will swallow Baeorillia whole.



About the Author
Born in Beaumont, Texas, and raised in Houston, Derrick Sasuman greatly enjoys and is inspired by anime, movies, video games and fantasy novels.



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