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White Devils: A Gerald Hodges novel, Oliver's Story by JJ Ollman

White Devils: A Gerald Hodges novel, Oliver's Story

by JJ Ollman

210 pages
Stolen securities and bonds, white nationalists planning to foment a race war and a young couple seeking help are only a few of the problems facing Gerald Hodges as he begins a new life and identity in Vancouver, B.C.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
Gerald Hodges was exhausted. He had taken two days to drive from Winnipeg to Vancouver. He was not used to driving such long distances. Here he was at the Sunset Inn and Suites in the downtown area, and it was more expensive than he had hoped.

It had been four months since his harrowing ordeal on the North Shore of Minnesota and his near death experience at the Devilís Kettle. He had escaped with the help of Sheila Cadotte and Cassie Bandleson. Both of them knew he was a fugitive and wanted for murder, but both of them had become convinced of his redemption and the soundness of his character. It hadnít been an act. He had turned his life around and assumed a new identity as soon as arriving in Vancouver. While paging through his new passport, Gerald heard a knock at the door. He peeked out the eyehole in the door and saw no one. Grasping the knob, he turned it in slow motion and cracked the door open. He felt and heard something slide away from the bottom of the door. A newspaper.

An incredible photo of a young couple on the street splashed across the front page. The woman lay on her back as the young man embraced her upper body and kissed her lips. Payne stared at the photo, not even bothering to read the caption or story beneath it. Something about the scene captured his emotions as he surveyed it. It showed an evening of riot, fear, and fire. Little did he know that finding the young couple would involve him in a plot of stolen securities, white nationalists, and a black woman living in the woods in B.C.


White Devils is a suspenseful follow up to JJ Ollman's recent Devil's Kettle. This time, Oliver Payne (Gerald Hodges) and his trusted colleagues hunt through Vancouver, and the surrounding countryside, for (and are hunted by) a group of thieving, violent neo-Nazis, who come straight out of today's news. A good yarn, with engaging characters; well-worth the read.
- Ricki Walters, Editor
White Devils contains an abundance of twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing at each fork in the road. It is captivating and enthralling as the characters weave their way through both good and evil. One minute I was up and excited, the next I was down and had lost hope for the good guys. At the end, both sides receive their just desserts!
- George Marino, Editor



About the Author
JJ Ollman JJ Ollman has written seven books, six of which are suspense/thrillers, and a memoir. He lives a quiet life in southern Minnesota with his wife Cindy and spends time reading, writing, kayaking, hiking, and has a special relationship with his golf clubs.



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