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The Money by DB Curing

The Money

by DB Curing

432 pages
A single dad; a rich bachelor: both discover issues hindering their peace of mind. Life’s difficulties force them to see beyond their circumstances, bringing about change, and fill their lives with compassion and generosity.

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Category: Fiction:Psychological
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About the Book
Cliff Duskee is a city bus driver. He works hard, has a mortgage and a young daughter. Three years ago he lost his wife to a rare form of brain cancer. Moving on seems to be impossible with his late wife’s ever present medical bills always needing to be paid. The debt is so great it consumes every waking moment, distracting him, causing him to miss the fact that his daughter is quickly growing up. However, his daughter Jaime has her feet planted firmly on the ground with a positive attitude most contagious. She takes care of her dad more than Cliff notices. In fact, he doesn’t notice much of anything anymore, except how badly he misses his wife and how worried he is about money.

James Emerson Branch, III is a wealthy man and works constantly in the family business, but with no wife or children. Oh, he has sisters and loves them dearly, but their meddling forces him to avoid them whenever possible. He lives alone in a large mansion and loves to commune with nature, however his limited relationships with people keep him isolated—but not for long.

Both of their lives are about to take a turn. As the two characters live in self-centeredness, unexpected events bring about change, healing and happiness.



About the Author
DB Curing DB Curing, originally from Oregon, moved as a teenager with her father to Santiago, Chile for a year. Her travel adventures continued while serving in the US Navy. She is a musician, lives in Florida with her husband and enjoys spending time with her family and their dog, Gracie



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