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How I Escaped From Bloody Hell: X-ploring Freedom by Mary LaForge

How I Escaped From Bloody Hell: X-ploring Freedom

by Mary LaForge

54 pages
Read how one woman UNMASKED her world by journaling, and found UNIVERSAL freedom. ESCAPED will make your mind implode, and leave you with the joy of picking up the pieces. ESCAPED brings mystical ideas to life as orderly progressions.

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Category: Philosophy:Metaphysics
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About the Book
WINNER: 2021 Literary Titan Silver Book Award

ESCAPED shines a light on cosmically unanswered questions, and offers a perspective that outlines phases of reality from birth to deaths. ESCAPED is written with flowing words, without fluff, and with insights about the nature of reality that you can adopt and apply simply by journaling.

Upon the death of her paternal grandmother when Mary LaForge was 7 years old, Mary walked into a house of worship all by herself and was not recognized by anyone. That sent Mary on a lifelong journey seeking God in traditional and non-traditional disciplines. Finally, letting go of the search, Mary dove inward to find her own unique truth.


The book expounds on the ways that we might be products of mechanical nature, meaning that as we grow we are influenced and mature based on our environment, however no matter how much we try to mimic God, we will never reach that point. Not only was this simply a reality check but itís a weirdly calming way to view reality.
- Literary Titan
I read your book. Although I found parts of it hard to understand, overall, I gained a sense of spiritual connectedness I had never felt before. I had never been aware of the concept that the closest anyone can be to our Creator is when they are being creative! Thatís so encouraging and helped me cherish my journaling times more than ever. I even felt inspired to write a parody song, and applied to get it copyrighted. It has all been a very spiritual enlightening experience.
- Linda White



About the Author
Mary LaForge Mary LaForge is a creative non-fiction writer, poet, and author of five books currently living in Tennessee, USA.



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