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A Nurse's Guide to Plastic Surgery: Loving Yourself While Loving Your Wallet. by Donna S. Cohen RN

A Nurse's Guide to Plastic Surgery: Loving Yourself While Loving Your Wallet.

by Donna S. Cohen RN

218 pages
This nonfiction work is dedicated to all middle class women who are seeking affordable cosmetic surgery. It serves as a guide for not only what good work should look like, but how to find the best work at the best price. New techniques are included.

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Category: Health:Cosmetic Surgery
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About the Book
A Nurse's Guide to Plastic Surgery covers every aspect of facial and body surgery. Designed for the average American working woman, the author's recommendations serve as a blueprint for choosing the best practitioner or the correct non-surgical option. One chapter is devoted to medical tourism for plastic surgery, detailing the best facilities while listing steps to avoid pitfalls in foreign nations. It gives tried and true tips for choosing your best professional to suit your needs at home or abroad.

The writer is a veteran of many procedures, yet no one meeting her today would think that she had any work done. Now, on the cusp of 70, she reveals her secrets on how to get flawless skin and a chiseled body.

After having her first successful forays into the word of plastic surgery, she created an unbeatable system to choose the best surgeons at the most advantageous price. More importantly, affordable plastic surgery must also be safe plastic surgery. The author provides resources to help ensure that your Dr. Right is following the rules of safe medicine and belongs to the appropriate medical boards and associations.

This experienced nurse's guide will provide you with your own safe harbor to create the best version of you, and by extension, improve feel more confident when job hunting or husband hunting. Her method worked for her; it can also work for you.



About the Author
Donna S. Cohen RN Donna Cohen was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1951. She was born in August, which may be the reason she hates cold weather. She has a B.A. in History, a BSN in Nursing, and studied Journalism on the Master's level. Presently she lives with her husband in Isla Verde, PR.



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