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The Adventures of Cassie and Hip by Virginia Constance

The Adventures of Cassie and Hip

by Virginia Constance

30 pages
Cassie and Hip are two young sea creatures, living in a warm part of the ocean. On their way to school, they find a surprise. With the help of Coach Karl and Gus the Octopus crossing guard they have to figure out the right thing to do!

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Category: Children
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About the Book
Take your children on a colorful journey in the tropical part of the ocean. Where anything can and will happen to these two amazing friends.

The Adventures of Cassie and Hip is a fun little venture of two adorable young sea creatures. A sweet and stylish starfish named Cassie who is always dressed in the latest fashions and a smart and fun-loving sea horse named Hip, who loves playing games.

They both live in a very warm part of the ocean. Surrounded by many different and stunning corals, plants and lots of delightful, vibrant fish and sea creatures of all kinds.
They met in Kindergarten at the Little Fish Elementary School and quickly became friends. They are now in second grade and have been the best of friends for two years. They do everything together, from walking to and from school, eating lunch, playing at recess and after school and even on the weekends. They love to play base- ball. They are both on The Little Fish Elementary team, and proud of it.

One day on the way to school they find a surprise in a bunch of seaweed, and have to figure out what to do. A very though choice!

With the help of their friends, coach Karl the clown fish and gym teacher, and Gus the octopus, and crossing guard, they might find their way. Can you help them figure it out?

Gail the snail joins in the fun, follows and makes a game of it!



About the Author
Ginny Constance lives in Titusville, NJ. On the Delaware river. And has lived in the area for her whole life. She has a son and two grandchildren. She studied art most of her life and has a degree in Graphic Design. Children have always been an inspiration for her.



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