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Radio Waves: A Post-Punk Novel by Shawna-Lee I. Perrin

Radio Waves: A Post-Punk Novel

by Shawna-Lee I. Perrin

270 pages
Viv is a student witnessing the punk & post-punk revolution of the late 70s from her college's radio station. The traditional life she was always taught to want might not be the one for her; she makes some tough decisions that will change everything.

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About the Book
Music is everything to college radio DJ Viv Pierce. When her fiancé excitedly reveals his vision for their future – a future in which they get married right after college and start a family – she panics because housewives don’t have time for travel, punk rock shows, or late-night record-listening parties. She takes solace with her friends at the college’s dingy little radio station and tries to figure out what she’s going to do. When an intense connection with a handsome young Joy Division fan visiting from England leads to a one-night stand, she has to decide what kind of future she really wants.

Set between 1979-80, Radio Waves is a novel of longing and rebellion, infused with the post-punk music of the late 70s that embodied both.



About the Author
Shawna-Lee I. Perrin Shawna-Lee graduated with a BA in English in the mid-90s and earned her MFA in Fiction a couple of decades later. She plays some bass, loves music like it’s her job, and is a lifelong New Englander. This is her first novel.



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