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I Can't Do-ism: The Negative Self-Talk Epidemic Survival Guide by Nykee Hider

I Can't Do-ism: The Negative Self-Talk Epidemic Survival Guide

by Nykee Hider

198 pages
With over 60,000 thoughts passing through the tunnel of our minds each day, it is nearly impossible to navigate our heart and tongue away from speaking a negative thought. I can't do'sim is the result of negative thinking. In the pages of this book you will learn some strategies that teach you how to alter how you speak to your self better.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
The most natural and positive thing a person can do is talk to themselves…and the most destructive thing a person can do is…talk to themselves!

What a precarious predicament we are in…

In this thought provoking book, you will discover some life changing strategies, principles and spiritual insights designed to help you eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and words for good.

If you are not sick and tired of talking down to yourself and limiting your own progress then this book is not for you But...if you desire to progress to newer and better levels in your life, then this book is a must have...the ideas are a must read and the strategies are a must do!

Written by someone who was told he could not.... but, He Did!



About the Author
Nykee Hider Nykee Hider is a trained life purpose Life Coach and is the founder of Live Your Making and Innerscovery Music. He enjoys inspiring entrepreneurial minded youth and professionals through speaking and producing spiritual and motivational music. More importantly, Nykee is a husband and proud father of four.



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