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The Millionaire Maverick by Susan James

The Millionaire Maverick

by Susan James

326 pages
Hank made everyone Millionaires who learned of his Magic Wall.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
About the Book

Susan James brings her popular User Friendly Physics theme to Hank Ramsan, The Millionaire Maverick.

Hank made everyone Millionaires who learned to use his Magic Wall. This enraged the powers that controlled the world's banks because hidden secrets were revealed and lifestyles threatened, as the world's money systems crumbled.

Only one person could save Hank from the peril he had created, only she didn't love him anymore.

Hank Ramsan, blonde, friendly and handsome. Many called him Handsome Hank, or HH for short. In all of Hank's 36 years, he hadn't let his looks deter him and used them in moments to his benefit, especially now. This time he was engaging in dangerous territory which involved changing the world's money system and possible retribution.

The powerful forces who seemed to be in control of the world's purse strings would not be happy.

Would he succeed and if so, how?



About the Author
Susan James Susan James primary theme throughout many of her various projects regarding human potential, is the "Application" of The Mechanics of Energy and User Friendly Physics to the design of our lives. Susan\'s most current books are: The Millionaire Maverick, Manifesting 101 and Beyond, and Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires.



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