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THE LAST RHINO WAR: A Journey of Survival by Rory Johnston

THE LAST RHINO WAR: A Journey of Survival

by Rory Johnston

302 pages
The Last Rhino War is a novel that exposes the brutality of the international rhino horn poaching syndicates in Southern Africa. A hunter and a poacher fall in love and turn towards conservation of the species, despite immense obstacles before them.

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Category: Fiction:World:Africa
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About the Book
This is a story of one man, Mike Delport, a professional hunter, and his journey as he is caught up in in the unspeakable violence of the illegal rhino horn trade to his redemption through love and newfound commitment to conservation. At his hunting ranch in South Africa, times are tough. Hunting of rhino has just been banned, cutting off Mike’s income. Rhino poaching is on the rise just as his income is falling. Mike is forced to consider illegally selling the horns to a crime syndicate himself, out of desperation. His quest for survival takes him deep into the murky underworld and he meets Eva, herself struggling for survival from her life on the Cape Flats, and they fall in love.

Can this love blossom amid the savagery of the international rhino horn poaching gangs and their different cultural upbringing? Can Mike persuade Eva to share his devotion to his endangered rhinos and make a way forward to ensure their safety from extinction as a species?

This is a journey of survival for both man and the animals and one cannot help be drawn into the battle. Discover the underworld and the deep connections the poachers have established throughout Southern Africa as they plunder with almost impunity as the world loses up to two to three rhinos a day. Can humanity allow this to happen? Time is not on our side and "The Last Rhino War" will awaken the reader to the horror and urgency as the world allows wanton slaughter of it's remaining rhinos.

This book is a must read for anyone concerned about conservation in Africa.



About the Author
Rory Johnston grew up in the photo-safari business and has been leading expeditions to Africa all his life. His passion for Africa, its people, and its endangered wildlife is evident in his writing.



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