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My Name is Karl by Susan Giesecke

My Name is Karl

by Susan Giesecke

118 pages
After 15 years of ‘a tugging of the heart’, the author has shared the story of Karl, and the people he loved along with the people who loved him. You will find his view of life unique and inspiring.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
Each pregnancy has its special qualities, just as each person is special.

The joy and anticipation of a new baby knows no bounds.

Than, as each child grows and develops, the parents begin the ask, “What is happening here?”

This book is the story of just such a situation. Through a variety of chapters you will follow Karl, his siblings and family as they experience life.

Some of the stories are enlightening, some sobering. They are all true.

The stories shared are offered humbly, trusting you will find a kernel of here or there, and perhaps a smile.



About the Author
Susan Giesecke The author is the mother to four children and has chosen to share the story of Karl. She has been active in the field of education and the business world.



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