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FOALING AROUND by Dyan Westvang


by Dyan Westvang

330 pages
Uniquely true stories of unusual experiences with mares and foaling.

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Category: Animals:Horses
About the Book

Interestingly unique reading about mares and their circumstances the author has been involved with. With more than 45 years as a horsewoman, the author relates unusual situations whereby mares came into her life and their resulting foaling experiences.

Through the years of acquired horse knowledge the author has had the privilege to work with many mares who came to her from a variety of difficult situations. Each of the mares has a story to tell.

Not every difficult birth ends unhappily. Prudent observation, intervention, and assistance can often turn a dicy situation into a rewarding experience. The author gained first hand knowledge of this premis at a time when the subject was not commonly discussed, written about, or made a subject of study by the general public.

A good read for anyone interested in horses with touches of humor, compassion, hope and rewarding success as the author helps mares overcome the trials of their situations then goes on to help them deliver their foals.



About the Author

A horsewoman all her life, President of the Sabino Horse Registry International, trainer and horsemanship coach.

The author has enjoyed many different disciplines and breeds. Having foaled more than 400 mares since the 1960's, she currently resides in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas where she breeds Missouri Foxtrotters.



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