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Angel Blessings Believe by Patty Callahan

Angel Blessings Believe

by Patty Callahan

282 pages
Delightful fantasy about Archangels. Angie passes, takes us through the afterlife, enjoys reunions with deceased loved ones, and meets 15 colorful Archangels with specific specialties. She successfully leads a worldwide movement to help loving souls.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
Welcome to a fantasy journey to the incredible afterlife with Angie, who has passed, leaving the shackles of gravity behind. She feels happy, light, and free as a bird. Her deceased loved ones beckon to her as she ascends through the bright, welcoming light. Love is in the air. Love is everywhere. A grand reunion is held in her honor with all those that have passed before her. Her parents, siblings, in-laws, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all there. She is thrilled beyond belief when she sees her husband, her soulmate is there. Everyone loves each other even if they didn't on earth. Traits like bossy, stubborn, unreasonable, angry, and all the negatives are replaced with pure unadulterated love. There is so much catching up to do. Her deceased pets with tails wagging non-stop are all anxious to shower her with affection.

Feathers, pennies, cardinals, dragonflies, and more are all signs from above. Angie learns about the signs that others had left for her and about signs she can leave for those she has left behind. The choices are endless and some are quite amazing like changing a computer date. After a brief rest, she continues on her journey, where she meets 15 colorful archangels and learns about their unique specialties. They guide her through a past life review where she learns that she will not be judged by any hierarchy but must judge her own actions. She learns how to repair karma by returning to earth with a new life plan. The Veil of Forgetfulness will remove all memories of the afterlife and plans made. How will souls know what to do? It is easy. They must always make loving choices and stay on a loving path.

The Archangels teach Angie how to remove negative energy and clear her chakras. She has pet names for her Archangel guides. Find out who she calls her Rainbow Angel and why he calls rainbows pause moments. Find out which Archangel is the protector and who is the healer. Who is the communicator? Who is the organizer? Who is the nature angel? Who is in charge of peace and harmony, and who reviews past lives? Who does Angie lovingly refer to as her moonlight angel in charge of intuition and clairvoyance? Find out who is her sunshine angel, illuminating the mind. Whose specialty is universal peace? Who is the Angel of Death who prefers to be known as the Grief Counselor? Who helps you cross over into the light? Who helps you find lost items? Angie knows these 15 Archangels very well, and you can learn about them too as you make the journey. Be sure to get your archangel hugs, a favorite of Angie.

You will meet Angie's Guardian Angels, who watched over her on earth and continue to be with her. She has three, and she knows their names. She will let you know how to find out the names of your Guardian angels too.

Along with the Archangels, there are more surprises in store. Fly on a UFO and dance with the Leprechauns. Help the Fairies seek shelter from the storm. Tree People and more add to the enjoyable fantasy nature of this story.

And just when you thought that love and kindness have disappeared from our World, be part of the plan to save all the loving souls.

Written under the guidance of Archangel Gabriel and from the gardens of the author's mind, Angel Blessings Believe will give you a plausible answer to questions asked throughout the ages. Enjoy your journey with Angie, Andrew, Mary, and Matthew, and find out how they became a foursome throughout the universe. There is more to come. Watch for their next journey in Angel Blessings Imagine, coming soon.



About the Author
Patty Callahan Patty Callahanís life-long love of angels soared when she inherited her Momís angel collection, resulting in books about colorful, helpful archangels.

She lives in Florida with her loving husband and is blessed with amazing sons. Her Dalmatian, Wendy, plays an interesting part in this beautiful, believable fantasy.



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