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by Charlie Deitrick

280 pages
Is God Real? Does He care about me personally? Can I find Him and know Him? Will He help me in my life? What will happen to me after I die?

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
What is a “Divine Appointment?”

Divine Appointment n : An apparently coincidental encounter or event that has actually been arranged by God for some specific purpose. This purpose may be obvious during the encounter, or the purpose may only become apparent some time later.

Charlie invites you to travel along with her from her unlikely encounter with Jesus Christ, on through her life of service; in some surprising, suspenseful, and sometimes dangerous situations. In this book she shares some of her most memorable "Divine Appointments."

With her unique writing style, (and perceptions of life,) Charlie takes us 'inside' these compelling true stories, and stamps them indelibly upon our memories. Readers of advanced copies stated, "I had to keep reading to find out what happened!" Several reported, "I stayed up all night and finished the entire book!"

This book includes stories about all types of people; children, the elderly, business men, delinquents, bikers, the homeless, witches, and pastors, just to name a few; people from all walks of life. There are testimonies of Divine protection, dramatic conversions, incredible answered prayers, gifts of knowledge, miracles, and healings. You will see the Bible 'come to life' through God's supernatural power and intervention.

These marvelous true accounts prove the reality of God, Jesus Christ, and God's Holy Spirit; and show that His Divine Power is still available to all who believe, obey, and seek to serve Him. They provide hope and inspiration, comfort and faith, as well as a deeper glimpse into the heart of our loving God.

Experience the very power of God ~ in these inspiring stories that demonstrate God's availability, and His willingness to help and Save those who come to Him in faith and sincerity.

For Christians; or for those who are still searching to know more about Jesus, these stories are proof of a Holy Power ~ far beyond anything we can do!

The primary message throughout this book is ~ "Jesus is Real!" We can all reach Him through prayer; and there is 'Hope' for all of us in Jesus Christ, our Savior!

Charlie's prayer is that this book may become ~ one of your "Divine Appointments!" May God bless all who read it!


"These stories are powerful accounts of faith rewarded, grace given, and love demonstrated to those who believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God; and also to those who want 'evidence' of God.

They evoke wonder, joy, tears, love of Christ, renewed faith, and even laughter in places. I admit they've gotten to me powerfully."
- Mary D., Ph.D. Professor of English Emeritus
"Charlie your book is indeed 'Divine,' it is truly a book of hope and truth. It gave me faith to hang on. Any person who is blessed to read this book and asks Jesus into their heart and soul will be saved. YOU TRULY HAVE MADE OUR LORD SMILE!!!"
- Michael H. (Advanced copy reviewer)
"Charlie, I didn't like your book, . . . . . . I loved it!!!"
- Judy C. (Advanced copy reviewer)
"Yes, it is a marvelous work glorifying Gods faithfulness! I go to it like a box of my favorite chocolates! When I am especially feeling hope waning I read it."
- Christina B. (Advanced copy reviewer)
"Your book is really going to bless and help a whole lot of people that are starving for the love of God, and just don't know why they are hurting! Your book is easy to read; it gives hope, and keeps you reading. Your book will be food for the hurting heart, and will be a blessing to ALL who read it. God bless you Charlie!!"
- Carolyn W. (Advanced copy reviewer)



About the Author
Charlie Deitrick Charlie has experience as an 'urban missionary,' a counselor, Bible teacher, a deaconess, and is presently serving in on-line Christian ministries. She has worked with churches, homes for delinquent youth, hospital calling teams, Bible studies, prayer groups with a women’s mission, and in street witnessing and service to the homeless.



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