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Presidents of Affa Lotta Krappa by Eileen L. Beck

Presidents of Affa Lotta Krappa

by Eileen L. Beck

404 pages
Four women interact in a hilarious, complicated, thirty -year friendship.

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Category: Fiction
About the Book

Emily Harris, anxious to escape her "rat's nest" home and "deformed alcoholic" stepmother, leaves Pittsburgh for college in 1965. This funny and poignant story unfolds as Emily meets kindred spirits Donna, Hedy, and the peculiar, unfortunate looking Gena.

The four wacky freshmen create their own unorthodox sorority, Affa Lotta Krappa. Their outrageous antics are hilarious to humiliating, daffy to dangerous, and insulting to illegal.

By graduation things begin to unravel. Emily marries, Hedy becomes a hippy, Donna questions her sexual identity, and Gena pursues superficial changes, believing that "marriage, money and mammaries" are her keys to happiness.

For the next twenty-seven years the "sisters" experience diverse journeys. From across the country and around the world, they share their hearts through letters.

They meet again for the 30th anniversary of Affa Lotta Krappa. The four grandmothers pick up where they left off, and find the answers they were searching for were always close at hand.

Chapters include:

Good Food and Elbow Room

Panty Hose Make You Mean

The Haircut that Ended My Sex Life

Death of a Saddle Shoe



About the Author
Eileen Beck is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Following thirty years in education, she retired as a high school principal. She returned to her love of writing as her second career. Since 1972, she has lived in Texas with her husband. Presidents of Affa Lotta Krappa is her first novel.



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