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A Prize for All Saints by Don Santina

A Prize for All Saints

by Don Santina

224 pages
A Prize for All Saints is the story of John Maletesta, a one-armed vet who is engaged to ride shotgun for a risky expedition to Borneo in search of the Missing Link. An unknown enemy wants to stop the expedition by any means necessary.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Agatha Buckley, the ambitious president of All Saints College, gambles campus funds on a dangerous expedition to Borneo in search of fossils of the first human being, the Missing Link. She hires John Maletesta, a one-armed vet burdened by PTSD, to ride shotgun for the college professors on their journey. A pirate attack, an attempted assassination and the mysterious disappearance of their guide raise alarms about an unknown adversary, but the group valiantly presses onward into the interior of Borneo. Maletesta discovers another side of his life as he confronts the challenges of the expedition and unexpected treasure.


"A wonderful, fast-paced novel . . . there are so many twists and turns that it keeps the readers on their toes."
- Onlinie BookClub
"A real page turner with historical surprises."
- Carol Anne O'Marie, Sister Helen Mysteries


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    When someone pushes a celebrity poet off the roof of his pad, Homicide Inspector Brennan needs to arrest somebody. His prime suspect is John Maletesta's daughter. The one-armed professor must clear his daughter, even as their own lives are in danger.


About the Author
Don Santina is a musician, a trial consultant for criminal defense attorneys and a firearms authority.



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