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LITTLE RIVER: A place for beginnings and of things to remember by Dadfire

LITTLE RIVER: A place for beginnings and of things to remember

by Dadfire

270 pages
Let this coming of age story of a boy named Bean take you back to a simple time. Set in a small southern town encircled by a river and gleaming white cotton fields, discover how peacocks, zombies, trains and a treehouse are sure to entertain.

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Category: Fiction:Coming Of Age
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About the Book
Little River is a coming of age story about a young boy called Bean and his little brother Jack. It takes place in the sixties in a small rural community, set among the gleaming white cotton fields of northeast Arkansas.

The story begins with the two young lads’ obvious isolation from the world outside, as they learn to create their own adventures in the only place they really know, their farm. The boys’ desire to have a close relationship with their dad is hindered by his demanding job of overseeing the sharecroppers. The patient Mom is a comforting force, taking care of the family, while being trapped in her own isolated world.

When family tensions mount as the surrounding farms begin to fail, the father takes a downward spiral path of turning to alcohol. Losing his job and with the family to the breaking point, they move close by to Little River with hope of a new start in town.

There, Bean discovers a whole new world with new friends. Forming an adventurous band of misfits, they build a magnificent treehouse, while the family's struggles worsen.

As a bright future begins to fade, the dusty trail of failure slowly catches up. Doubts, rumors and unbearable tragedy ensues, but the strong bonds of family, love and friendship give them the means to survive.

They become a shining example of overcoming life’s most arduous hardships.


Little River is a book that anyone having grown up during that simple era would find memorable. The characters are realistic but charming, their adventures are bold, yet not without trials. Millennials will find themselves in Bean and Jack living day to day testing the limits of life and family.
- Lynda Talley, retired teacher, crafter and artist



About the Author
Dadfire Dadfire is a well known guest on the popular JCbackfire YouTube and Twitch channels where fans simply describe him as wholesome. His small town upbringing is always evident in warming you soul and tugging your heart. He currently resides on the gulf coast. Follow him on twitter @MrDadfire.



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