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Galilee Gold: A Novel by Susie Aziz Pam

Galilee Gold: A Novel

by Susie Aziz Pam

402 pages
A Bedouin sheik declares himself King in eighteenth-century Palestine and falls in love with Tamar, a Jewish woman who is his equal in daring, determination, and wit.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Galilee Gold is a novel inspired by Daher el-Omar, the Bedouin King of eighteenth-century Galilee, who was willing to do anything to achieve prosperity in his region, including trading with pirates, taking another wife, or plotting to kill his own brother.

Enter Tamar of Aleppo; twenty years old, spoiled, beautiful, and sharp-witted who has joined a caravan of Jewish travelers to the Holy Land. The King, is so enamored with her and her golden hair, that he finds himself breaking his own rules and has her kidnapped. Tamar forges friendships among the Bedouin but she cannot make up her mind about the King.



About the Author
Susie Aziz Pam is an Israeli writer who writes in English. She is living the dream on a kibbutz near Jerusalem, with her husband and family. When she is not writing, she spends her time swimming, gardening, crocheting with recycled materials, and babysitting her grandchildren.



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