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by Carol Stout

118 pages
Luke and Molly are guided on the adventure of their lives by a talking owl. Help comes in many forms, a knight, a dragon, a dwarf, and a magic golden ring.

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Category: Fiction:Juvenile
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About the Book
Siblings, Luke and Molly witness their home and village ransacked and burned to the ground.

Not knowing where there parents are they follow a magical talking owl into the forest where she introduces them to her friend Wally, a dwarf. This small wise man gives Luke a golden ring of protection. The ring can heal any injury or provide an ally when needed. Little do they know that the ring will also make them targets for the gang that destroyed their village.

As they proceed on their mission to warn others about the destructive gang; help comes in many unusual forms. A knight with no sense of direction and poor memory, a sickly dragon with breath so noxious it can turn things to stone, and others.

The powerful influence of love, family and friendship is revealed to the brother and sister; as they meet and interact with others on their thrill packed journey.


This is a whimsical story filled with vivid imagery and exciting action! Thought provoking lessons of life are learned by young Molly, her brother, Luke, and Wally, the hermit. As the story progresses, these fascinating characters discovered skills they didnít know they were capable of performing and developed values that are sound and true. Readers of any age can identify with this interesting novel.
- Dawn Mitchell, Ed.D.
I absolutely loved your book. I really liked the premise and the settings. All of your sensory details made me feel like I was there, experiencing all of the twists and turns of your story. I loved the aspect of the ring and what it would be like to have it for myself. The plot had a Lord of the Rings vibe to it and I really enjoyed it. All the characters were great, too. I could relate to all of them and they all seemed unique and special. I loved Luke and Molly's relationship and how it often reminded me of Sam and I. I can't wait to read your books yet to come.
- Love, Chris (age 13)



About the Author
Carol Stout lives in the friendly village of Fallbrook, CA with her husband, Robert, and their Westie, Jessie. Carol was a successful watercolor artist until she discovered writing. Her poetry was published in the San Diego Poetry Annual. Her first children's book was published in 2018.



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