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The Pseudo American by John T. L. Lu

The Pseudo American

by John T. L. Lu

642 pages
Only three months after I fled China with my last tour group, I volunteered to return to the tumultuous land on another tour assignment. Follow The Pseudo American on the bumpy path of the American journey.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
The Pseudo American, or volume II to The Unlikely Yank, picks up where volume I ended.

John’s Tiananmen Square brought him unwanted notoriety but also afforded him a novel story to entertain his future tour groups.

In volume II the young and fearless tour guide volunteered to return to China in September, 1989, merely three months after he extracted his group out of the turbulent land under the dark shroud of nationwide lockdown.

Readers will once again enjoy the front row seat on John’s tour bus as he entertained a chance encounter in the California desert that extended beyond the Atlantic to the European continent.

Read how the flamboyant “Johnny Tour Guide” gradually lost fervor for the road, and how a young woman he met at the Museum Of Contemporary Art would eventually change his life.

The Pseudo American details John’s continuous struggle and attempts to fit into what he dubbed “Main Stream America”. With every financial struggle, he learned to adapt and overcome. With each cultural misstep, The Unlikely Yank moved a step closer to reaching his desired Americanism.

Volume II makes numerous references to volume I while setting up stages for volume III, the finale of the three-volume series.

From his Jamaica adventures to building Joie Express; from facing social rejection at his first international tourism convention to making a cultural blunder at his first Russian conference…follow The Unlikely Yank through the ups and downs of his life and how he bid farewell to his beloved quest for the arts.

Edik looked at me and asked: “Have you ever been to Russia, John?”
Chapter 46 – Barbarossa, The Pseudo American.


“The Pseudo American is a perfect continuation of the Unlikely Yank….the enduring story of a young man’s journey to find how he fits into the American mold whilst struggling to find a balance between making a living and making a life.”
- Kathleen Yutchishen, contributing editor. Co-Founder, My Team Effort Inc.
“More than anything, I love your use of lyrics and color to convey importance of aspects of your story, and the portrayal of strong female characters who call you out when you need it most. It’s your story but your self-awareness is refreshing.”
- Lora Smith, content editor.
“It’s a good continuity which supports the worth of reading it. I loved the whole thing! Hard to pick a favorite chapter. I have to know if Annie ever showed up in your life again! Also your first date with Joy at the art show and at Good Earth was fun to read!”
- Pattie Davidson, contributing editor. Director of Development & Communications at Jewish Family & Children's Service. Former Director of Buena Park Visitor's Bureau.


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    Under the spot light of the June '89 Tiananmen Square unrest, my sixteen American tour members and I fled, away from the emotionally charged protesters. I decided to extract my frightened tourists, under restrictive travel circumstances, out of China, by any means possible. I was the group's 25-year-old fearless tour leader, and this is my story.


About the Author
John T. L. Lu John T. L. Lu was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to the United States in 1979 as a direct result of the US One China Policy. After graduating Moanalua High School in Hawaii in 1982, he earned his degree in Fine Art, with Cum Laude honors, from Denver University in 1986. Lu embarked on a career in international tourism that ultimately placed him in China during the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square unrest. As an entrepreneur, he produced a series of events benefiting earthquake victims of Kobe, Japan, featuring talents from the original Beverly Hills 90210 show. He later created A Weekend of Heroes and Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series, events that both honored US military heroes, benefited service members, their orphans and families.



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