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Harassed by Beth Button Conklin


by Beth Button Conklin

330 pages
Lust and crime enter a New York City law firm, as office romance and sexual harassment complaints arise. When murders, suicide, and arrests are added to the brew, catastrophe ensues.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Suspense
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About the Book
Cassie Loughlin feels nothing more than annoyance when Jack Levine, a self-proclaimed hotshot attorney, joins her New York City law firm and brings the scandal of several sexual harassment complaints with him. However, she is forced to pay attention when women named in the complaints begin dying, she is considered a suspect for the first victimís murder, and she starts to fall in love with Jack.

Detective Mike Larsonís wreck of a personal life threatens to distract him from solving the string of murders. As he grows close to the first victimís surviving sister, this distraction only heightens.

Cassie faces rampant rumors of Jackís affairs, a co-workerís alleged suicide, and an exhausting defense of her reputation. Mike wades through Jackís lies and his own emotional confusion, to prove Cassieís innocence and bring her the gritty truth about the man she shares a bed with.


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    When a popular attorney/male model is arrested for killing his ex-wife, a graduate journalist student decides to address the question of whether it was murder or suicide, in an extremely personal way. She asks people closely connected to the case to contribute a written reaction to various aspects of the trial.


About the Author
Beth Button Conklin This is Beth's second published novel. She is working on other novels and plays. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband.



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