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The Epistles of Jesus by Bayard Hollingsworth

The Epistles of Jesus

by Bayard Hollingsworth

396 pages
Jesus' message has impacted our culture for thousands of years. But our understanding of his teaching is based on books penned more than thirty years after his death. What if we found writings by Jesus of Nazareth?

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About the Book
For nearly two millennia, churches across the globe have sought The Epistles of Jesus, not to add to their trove of sacred documents, but to suppress them, fearful that these writings would ever see the light of day. Government leaders have joined in the competition to possess them, desperate for a way to gain power over these same churches, institutions that have for centuries controlled the minds and swayed the hearts of their adherents.

Rescued from destruction during the early formation of Christianity, The Epistles – letters written by Jesus Christ – show his true perceptions and values, insights that are certain to challenge the status quo, impact lives and institutions, and possibly disrupt entire cultures. These efforts have been deflected by a Council founded by Aulus Septimius, a diminutive but driven scholar of 2nd century Egypt.

In the present day, the internet is a dinosaur being forced into its grave by the innovations of Alex Georgios, Chief Technology Officer of Protocomm. A fast-growing darling of Silicon Valley, Protocomm is a key player in the market for space-based data management. Alex’s prescience has brought earlier victors in global cyber wars to the edge of extinction amid their catastrophic failure to adapt. These remorseless criminals must react aggressively to protect the advantages they have built through decades of internet spying and theft.

The ability to control global industrial information and influence the passionate beliefs of a large portion of the world’s population irresistibly attracts the most ruthless, most ambitious, and most fearful of government and church leaders, all eager to wrestle the source of such power from its secretive protectors. To confront these threats, the Council must decide its next move to protect the Epistles from permanent destruction – or to finally reveal them to the world. But casting the Epistles into the rough seas of social media, competitive economies, cultural diversity, and rising political conflict poses globe-spanning risks.



About the Author
Bayard Hollingsworth The Epistles of Jesus is Bayard’s first novel. The idea emerged from considering the frailties of early Christian history and the impact on Western Culture of the orthodoxy formed during those early years. Bayard studied Studio Art and Classics at UNC Chapel Hill and earned an MBA from Erasmus University in The Netherlands.



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