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God's War: Why Christians Should Rule the World—The Case For Christian Involvement In Every Sphere Of Civil And Social Life by Dr. Jerry Scheidbach

God's War: Why Christians Should Rule the World—The Case For Christian Involvement In Every Sphere Of Civil And Social Life

by Dr. Jerry Scheidbach

329 pages
God's War presents profound insights into the war that rages between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness over control of the kingdom of man. Dr. Scheidbach explains how it started, its affect on world affairs, and our part in the conflict.

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About the Book
God's War presents profound insights into the war that rages between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness over control of the kingdom of man. Dr. Scheidbach explains how it started, its effect on world affairs, and our part in the conflict.

For many years, Satan had Christians hoodwinked into believing they were not supposed to speak up on social or political issues. They bought the lie that Christians have no say, that the world belonged to Satan, and that believers had no right to "impose" any religious-based standard of morality onto others. The ruse worked so well that today, the secularists impose their irreligious immorality on all Americans. Ideas like political correctness, gender fluidity, and the idea that truth is subjective—truth is whatever you chose to believe it is—are only a few of the consequent notions that are destroying the very foundation of our liberties in America.

Christians, and Christianity generally, are being marginalized and denied their divinely endowed inalienable rights. This book exposes Satan's lies, and shows that the Earth belongs to Jesus Christ, not to Satan. This book shows that Satan has no legitimate right to rule the Earth—it belongs to Christ the King.

God's War: Why Christians Should Rule the World offers a biblical case for Christian involvement in every sphere of civic and social life in America and worldwide. "Why Christians Should Rule the World" is a startling assertion. But our Founders did not think so. John Adams, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and several others, spoke to the importance of the role of religion in civic and political life in America. This book lays out the biblical support for the point of view expressed by Founder John Jay, America's first Chief Justice for the Supreme Court — "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers. And it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefers Christians or their rulers."

God's War explains the spiritual forces that are at war behind the scenes in this battle between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness over the kingdom of man. In the opening chapters, Dr. Scheidbach lays out the history of God's War. He follows this by explaining how it got started and what is at stake. Then God's War explains what part Christians play in this war and what must be done to prevail against the power of darkness.

Dr. Scheidbach is a theologian and a popular talk show host. His doctorate is in Theological Studies, and his talk show is called the Brain Massage. So he is an expert in Scripture-based theology and has extensive experience applying that knowledge when commenting on political issues.

In God's War, Dr. Scheidbach provides a reconciliation between what is called Dispensational and Reformed Eschatology. Reformed theologians understand a present rule of Christ in the Earth, but they fail to rightly understand the distinction between Christ's first and second coming. Dispensational theologians correctly understand the Second Coming but fail to understand the significance of His first coming. There is a present rule of Christ on the Earth today and a second coming reign of Christ. Dr. Scheidbach explains the meaning of the first and second comings of Christ. The result is Jesus is King, all authority to rule is His now, and presently He offers the kingdom to all nations bringing forth what He called the fruit of it. And, one day, He will return with His army to conquer the Earth and establish His eternal kingdom among men.

God's War provides the biblical perspective that allows believers to rightly understand contemporary world events in the light of history and Bible prophecy and what part they have in shaping those events.


“Dr. Jerry Scheidbach has provided a tremendous resource for Christians interested in 21st century revival. He writes from a Biblical perspective and a dynamic personal walk of prayer. This book is a call to arms for the people of God to rise up and fight. Here, you will find principles for God’s people to implement in this spiritual battle. Pastor Scheidbach lays out a biblical strategy for God’s people to reclaim this land. However, be forewarned – the battle will not be easy. We are not battling politicians, criminals, and sinners. This warfare deals with the “gates of hell” and takes place in the spiritual realm.” — Dr. Paul Chappell Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, CA, Founder/Chancellor West Coast Baptist College
- Dr. Paul Chappell
“Our friend and the gifted Dr. Scheidbach shares an intriguing, scholarly and clear call to God’s people in these perilous days. “God’s War” is a pure and Biblical perspective of God’s great power and love, Satan’s tyrannical scheme, and the Christian’s responsibility and liberty to influence our world for the Lord Jesus Christ. The reader will quickly observe the preparation and the passion of the author to help us see the need, to trust a sufficient God, and to get engaged with Him for eternal good.” — Dr. John Wilkerson Pastor of First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN, President Hyles-Anderson College
- Dr. John Wilkerson
God’s War – Wow – a timely book for exactly where we are in history right now. Patriots take out your highlighter and be prepared to markup page after page as this book is packed with nuggets that you will want to reference, there is so much great provocative and well laid out information that you will want to reference but more importantly take action on. Dr. Scheidbach’s book clearly lays out the deep spiritual and physical war that we are experiencing right before our eyes.  We are in God’s War right now, so suite up and know what weapons are at your disposal and how to use them.  Wake up take heed, now is the time to get down on your knees, fast, pray for our nation, and ask for a Holy Spirit lead a revival like none other.  Like prophets of old in Daniel Chapter 9, Ezra Chapter 9 and Nehemiah chapter 9, our nation, our leaders, and we have sinned-repent! It is time for good men and women to stand in the gap right where our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has put you on the wall. — Randy Beaudion, NASA Engineer, a.i. solutions
- Randy Beaudion



About the Author
Dr. Scheidbach hosts the Brain Massage radio/podcast show offering commentary on political/social issues from a biblical perspective. He serves as the executive editor of The Intercessor, has served as professor of theology, and is a highly respected itinerant preacher, author, and the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Santa Maria, CA. He is the happy husband of Becky (his Dove), and proud father of an Army Veteran, Zachary. He holds a Thg. and BA from Heartland Baptist College, OK, a Masters from Liberty University (Magna Cum Laude), and an earned Doctorate in Theological Studies from Bethany Seminary, Dothan, AL (Summa Cum Laude).



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