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Jardine by Dan Gordan


by Dan Gordan

220 pages
Adventures of a five-year old boy growing up in the 1800's as a Cabin-Boy on whaling ships as he travels through France where he learns about the occult and it's hidden mysteries.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
The adventure begins with a five year old boy learning to survive on the streets of New York in the 1800s. He then advances to becoming a cabin-boy on whaling ships.

As he grows older he learns of love from beautiful island girls. His lessons of life continue as he survives blood-thirsty pirates and encounters more life challenges as he travels across France. He then learns about the occult and the hidden mysteries that it contains.

You will not want to put JARDINE down as new adventures call to you on every page.


I didn't expect to be drawn in so quickly but was hooked from the very beginning. Kept my interest throughout and the storyline was thrilling. A subject that needs to be told over and over so that solutions can be made. A fascinating adventure to different parts of the world really kept me wanting to learn more. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone that is interested in a great escape to an unknown world that few experience.
- Mary L. Curry
Very Excited to purchase this book! Been anticipating itís arrival! Great author!
- Nicole
You need to read this book as it has the ability to pull you in, keep you turning the page, and take you away to another place!
- Tropical Delights Catering


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About the Author
Dan Gordan began acquiring information about interesting characters to add textures to his writing as a musician much as Hemingway did by listening to people in Cuban bars.

Rock and Roll, was exploding on the world scene as his sax took Gordan's band from performing on a weekly TV show in High School while in Tampa Florida to performing in colleges and night clubs.

As a boy he remembers laying back on a rooftop gazing at the stars one night. The age-old questions of who we are, where we come from and where life will take him invaded his mind and continued to call out to him in the future.

Several years later an interest in religious and philosophical disciplines took him on an investigative journey that led to an exploratory adventure in to the deep woods.

Gordan spent six months alone conducting a purification exercise and studying philosophical and religious works.

The thought that life is often like navigating in a mine field helped create the path that each of his characters take on their journey into the future.



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