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Spiritual Confessions and my coming of age by Elana White

Spiritual Confessions and my coming of age

by Elana White

267 pages
Spiritual Confessions enters the broken heart and life of Diane.

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Category: Family
About the Book

Spiritual Confessions testifies to the life of a woman named Diane and escorts the reader through her child rearing years on into adulthood. Her childhood reflects hilarious and silly situations as well as traumatic, but her pain doesn't stop there; it's just beginning.

Marriage has a new set of disasters awaiting her. Through the tribulations of her life that include abuse of every sort Diane makes it through by the love of Jesus and because of His mercy she could not be destroyed. The Lord revealed Himself to her and used her circumstances to give revelation that would not have happened without the circumstance. He allowed the circumstance to get her to run to Him.

Ask yourself, how is it possible to gain understanding of problems that occur in our lives if we don't unlock the doors to our childhood and rescue the troubled child within? Many are walking around suffering from emotional, physical, and spiritual abuses but are fearful of speaking out because guilt or shame has bound them to secrecy.

Rejoice with Diane as she moves past the pain and into new beginnings. Hold her hand as she unlocks the doors of her past to help you find a way to unlock yours.



About the Author
Elana White has written and produced several plays and short stories. Spiritual Confessions was written to encourage and testify to others that no matter what's happening in they're lives they can survive. White lived in hell for a while, but was resurrected to a new life and given another chance.



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