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Uncle Harve and Miss Lucille: A Legacy by Bessie Mayes

Uncle Harve and Miss Lucille: A Legacy

by Bessie Mayes

286 pages
The book explores the lives of a Christian couple who helped others on a mass scale, including those who did not have a home to live in. The couple was prominent in the community for their work and ethics. Unselfish and loving, they changed many lives by being an example, and leading many to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
Ancestry may be do a good job telling you about your linage. This book goes beyond that, and tells how one family made a successive legacy for all to see in their community and the nation!

With the family under attack from so many places such as, TV, social media, news outlets that don't always tell the truth, one can become confused. Much of our society is in turmoil, religious turmoil, and are facing crises on a daily. What is happening today is far from the ways and means most of us grew up in. This book takes us back to a time of when family life was simpler. It tells a story of a time in the south of how faith helped in forming a family structure in confidence, and overcoming social obstacles. A story that just may help you in forming your values as a family, or a family member. This book tells how one family designed their lives around others in a caring and loving way. And may just define what you are missing in your family in these tremulous days. Even in what can be done to address these current issues. It can also help to address past issues, traumatizing issues. Issues that may have set a life on a journey that seemingly keeps continuously tumbling throughout life. Leaving you wondering, what's next? What more can happen to me! This book brings hope. It brings stability. It shows that from the days of old, much can be learned. And even relearned.



About the Author
Bessie Mayes Bessie Mayes has served in ministry for over thirty years. She has also traveled with a worship team across the country, and co-led a home group. Bessie become a fan of soccer - English league. She loves photography and painting using oils or watercolor, and enjoys reading Christian authors like Bobby Conner. Bessie is also a life-long fan of Jane Austen and Hallmark movies.



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