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Walking the Path: Conversations Between Two Aspiring Mystics by Cathy Darling Muir and Christine Hale

Walking the Path: Conversations Between Two Aspiring Mystics

by Cathy Darling Muir and Christine Hale

556 pages
Cathy and Christine, roommates, began e-mail correspondence after moving to different states. They discuss Cathy's recovery from addiction, advice on handling life's challenges, and the deep faith both depended upon to get them along the path of life. Let their experiences help you on your path.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Walking the Path is the e-mail correspondence between two friends. One, Cathy, a recovering addict, is struggling to get her feet on the ground and learn to be functional in life without alcohol or drugs. The other, Christine, is not an addict and has achieved some measure of outward success, but deals with deeply personal issues stemming from childhood abuse, family alcoholism and learning disabilities. They began as roommates and started e-mailing each other after moving to different states. As Cathy struggled, Christine tried to support and anchor her with advice while dealing with her family's various problems.

Their honesty and openness with each other about all their concerns and challenges is a model for anyone who is struggling to cope with life's trials. Over the years, as Cathy recovered, their letters became deeper with understanding of life’s meanings, acknowledgement of heartache as a teacher, celebration of life’s small victories, and appreciation for life’s blessings.

The common thread that weaves through their writings is their faith in the goodness of the Universe, certainty that a Higher Power is guiding them, and compassion for themselves and others. Over the years, their letters deepen in understanding, meaning and personal knowledge and wisdom. This book is a must read for anyone interested in recovery from addiction, personal growth, how to cope with life's difficulties or curiosity regarding mystic and gnostic principles.



About the Author
Cathy Darling Muir and Christine Hale From the east coast to the west to the mid-west, Cathy Muir has finally found her path on the sober side of life after over 40 years of running from the pain. Her friend, Christine Hale, continues on her path to find peace and harmony through spirituality.



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