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Liberalism the Right Way by Matt Zemek

Liberalism the Right Way

by Matt Zemek

152 pages
Liberalism that conservatives, Christians and ordinary people can embrace.

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Category: Politics
About the Book

In today's America, tough economic times make it hard for ordinary people to devote time to politics. Putting food on the table and paying the bills are more important than handicapping political races and studying candidates. What's more, the candidates are so bad that it makes little sense for people to spend their spare time following politics.

Liberalism the Right Way, by first-time author Matt Zemek, gives ordinary people a short, sweet and simple view of politics. In just 152 pages, Liberalism the Right Way makes politics accessible and readable for all Americans.

Gone are the old, tired partisan arguments that make you want to throw up. Gone are the whiny and politically correct elements of the fake liberalism of the gutless Democratic Party. Gone are stock phrases and negative tactics that take all the life and intelligence out of our political discourse.

Whether you're religious or secular, conservative or liberal, centrist or extremist, young or old, male or female, Catholic or Protestant, you'll have a place at the discussion table. No condescending Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter rhetoric. No focus group garbage. No poll-driven campaign strategies from soulless professional operators.

Liberalism the Right Way is a moral conversation that acknowledges both the strengths and limitations of major political viewpoints. By admitting this, and not pretending that one political philosophy has all the answers, Zemek cuts through the bull and speaks to ordinary people on a clear, respectful and intimate level. Finally, a political book has the common sense to say what ordinary folks have known all along: life is messy, and the truth on an issue is usually found in the middle, and not at the extremes!

For anyone who knows just how boring, unproductive and stupid American politics has become, Liberalism the Right Way offers a no-nonsense look at how American politics, and particularly American liberalism, can be redefined in a powerful and positive way. Zemek offers all Americans, regardless of their opinion, a way to focus more on helping people and less on fundraising, more on solving problems and less on winning elections.

For all conservatives or centrists who see liberalism as a morally and spiritually bankrupt philosophy, Zemek offers a passionate yet common-sense view of how liberalism can rediscover a moral and spiritual identity in America. Based largely on the politics of Paul Wellstone, the late Minnesota Senator, Zemek shows how ?kitchen table issues? faced by working-class families form the center of American politics.

By promoting ?Wellstone Liberalism,? Zemek tries to show how liberalism can shed its bad reputation in America and become a compassionate, productive and people-friendly philosophy that even Christian conservatives could embrace.

Liberalism the Right Way ultimately promotes liberalism in a way that non-liberals will find refreshing and long overdue. Through a conversational style that blends confessions, condemnations and negotiations, Zemek tries to revive both the future of American liberalism and the very soul of politics, giving ordinary Joes and Jills a reason to be politically active again.



About the Author
Matt Zemek is a 27-year-old freelance writer in Seattle. He is a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and a parishioner at Seattle's St. James Cathedral, where he volunteers in a number of ministries, including a soup kitchen and an adult Christian education program.



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