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by J. P. Fisher

130 pages
After being separated for nearly a year, Mother reunites with her daughters and takes them on a holiday to the forest to meet the Forest Fairies. While Mother seeks a cure to her disorder with the fairy elders, her daughters take an adventure through the beautiful woodland, which leads them down a perilous path of danger.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
A trip to the tranquil forest seemed like a perfect holiday for Mother and her daughters. After being separated for nearly a year, Mother needed to be surrounded by her children while she searched for a remedy to cure her disorder. Her children could enjoy the beautiful, natural environment, while Mother sought the wisdom of the ancient Forest Fairies to transform her back to her normal self.

As the four adventurous sisters explore the woodlands with an expert guide, Mother is given the opportunity to bond with the elder fairies, learning a secret about her past which had been concealed from her throughout her life.

But while Mother remains preoccupied with the Forest Fairies, family legends, and ancient potions, her daughters are led to the far edge of the forest to discover a secret of their own that puts them directly in harm’s way. A wicked disturbance in the forest, both dangerous and treasonous, reveals an unnatural deceit amongst the band of loving ancients, trapping the children in a dangerous situation, well-hidden amongst nature’s beauty… a place where evil simmers and greed prevails.


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About the Author
J. P. Fisher lives in Kentucky with her husband. Her first book, the River Fairies, was published in 2019.



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