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Breath from Heaven: God's Presence in the Face of a Pandemic by Phyllis Benigas

Breath from Heaven: God's Presence in the Face of a Pandemic

by Phyllis Benigas

122 pages
Covid-19 came close to home when Phyllis received the diagnosis of a 75% lung infection from the virus. Hospitalized for weeks and months of recovery required supernatural intervention. She called on God and felt His presence fill her room! Phyllis shares the guidance He gave to build faith and give peace through any pandemic or challenge in life.

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About the Book
The Covid-19 pandemic came close to home when Phyllis received the grave diagnosis of a 75% lung infection from the coronavirus. Connected to a ventilator for days, hospitalized for weeks, followed by months of recovery required a supernatural intervention for survival from the Lord. When she called out to Him, she felt His presence fill her hospital room! And over the next several days, He provided the guidance she needed to build her faith, bring peace to her heart, and overcome the desperate fear and uncertainty she was facing.

As her story unfolds, Phyllis shares how God filled her mind with dozens of scriptures memorized as a child, each one building her faith. When she was unable to sleep, He filled her with songs in the night. He brought back memories of His endless acts of faithfulness to her in the past. As Phyllis shares many of them, you will be encouraged too. Because the Lord was with her, she was full of thanksgiving and praise despite her situation. Phyllis reveals many additional ways God gave her peace through every examination, treatment, and questioning moment. We are not alone in our struggle! God is with us!

Are you, or someone you know, experiencing anxiety over the current pandemic and the daily news? Or stressed over the challenges youíre facing? Like many today, are you afraid? Perhaps you're questioning, where do I go for help?

God longs to provide everything you need to guide you to victory each day, with peace along the way. Phyllis' story will encourage you to call on Him and believe Him for the guidance you need. Even if your life is struggle-free at the moment, the strategies given here will help you encourage loved ones and friends facing struggles with their health, their relationships, or loss of any kind.

Why is God so faithful to answer our call for help? Because He loves us! As Phyllis explores the depths of Godís love, she encourages us to discover His love in a greater way than ever before, explore the breadth, length, depth, and heights of His love. You will never be the same!



About the Author
Phyllis Benigas Phyllis is an ordained minister and missionary, serving with her husband, Tom, at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium, and the Fellowship of European International Churches. She speaks at ministersí conferences, womenís retreats, church gatherings, and mentors students and missionaries. Phyllis is proud of her two children who serve the Lord with fervor.



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