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Jake, Disguised Memories by Douglas Hoy

Jake, Disguised Memories

by Douglas Hoy

212 pages
Being pushed to the edge, pursuing yet being pursued, insecure of purpose while testing his resolve; no future for the faint of heart. Jake may have truly believed he understood the paths which he had traveled, but one can deceive himself. What he once believed, trusted, the very path he now found himself following, was it right, was it real?

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Category: Fiction:Psychological
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About the Book
Instinctively we know when it is time to act, to move past doubts, the fears and uncertainties; to face the hostility and resolve the situation. So it is with Jake. He is a man who appears accomplished in many ways. Now nearing his latter mid years he remains agile of thought and body to handle lifeís chance encounters. Life is now changing rapidly. He recognizes answers to unknown demands must be found before all that remains of his time is the regret of never knowing.

Jake found a good life in the Sierra Mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. Exploiting his background in criminal investigations Jake became weary of various types of individuals and peculiar backgrounds. One of the rare, important and balanced individuals was to become his partner and best friend. Together they forged a successful business and lifelong friendship with many extensions.

Personal tragedy of the highest significance befalls Jake. The event takes a heavy toll on him mentally and physically. With his partnerís blessing and understanding Jake decides to leave and start anew.

Jake packs up his dog, his memories and tries the Southeast. But now a more encompassing old haunt, of a different time, is becoming paramount. This urgency grows into a distressed feeling of an evil presence which had been placed within long ago. Too soon it becomes overwhelming and consuming to ignore. The mental anxiety of passing time becomes more intense. Jake knows if he is to have spiritual peace old terrors must be faced, must be vanquished. But the ultimate question is just where to start.

Jake travels back to the perceived starting point; to his home town. The need to track down haunting demons no longer can be ignored. In the safety and emotional comfort of long ago childhood familiar surroundings, friends and some pleasant memories Jake takes on this challenge. Surprises masked with old demoralizing spirits will be uncovered. His past, on multiple fronts, is about to catch up with him. Strange new realities mixed with foggy memories revive shadowed manifestations including recent old heart ache as well as entrenched childhood anguishes.

It is now he will have his chance, possibly his only chance, to put to rest demons from decades gone by. Additionally his more recent torment will raise its ugly head once again to possibly be answered. But what he learns may only lead to more unsettling questions propelling him into different, unplanned, directions. Jake also will have a most unique meeting with an exceptional individual who may or may not have been real.


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About the Author
Douglas Hoy Douglas hails from the Midwest with that certain, low-keyed analytical, way of seeing the world and events. He retired from Florida, traveled home to Michigan to continue his passion of writing. He writes for the pleasure of writing, he hopes you will enjoy all of his offerings.



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