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Escape from Tanaka Island by R L Robertson

Escape from Tanaka Island

by R L Robertson

168 pages
Stranded on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean. Pirates are hunting you. Your friends are held prisoner. Whispers of hidden treasures. Are you able to make the right decisions to find the treasure, free your friends and escape the pirates of the mysterious Tanaka Island? The Journey is in your hands!

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
You and your best friend have won an all paid surfing adventure to board a surf charter and spend ten magical days surfing the perfect breaks around the tropical Maluku Islands in the blue Pacific Ocean. But when disaster strikes your charter you find yourself washed ashore on a mysterious island named Tanaka.

You soon learn that the island is filled with ruthless pirates searching for buried treasures and they are taking prisoners any chance they get. It is now up to you to evade the pirates, find your friends and escape Tanaka Island.

But does the idea of finding lost treasure tempt you to go looking for it? Or do you also want to try and free the pirate’s prisoners as you believe it is the right thing to do?

The choices are yours and yours alone. This is your adventure, your journey and you determine the ending. Good luck, be careful and most important of all, have fun!



About the Author
Rossco’s love of storytelling began during his younger years where he would spend every night in his bedroom making Claymation films with an old Video Camcorder and lumps of plasticine. Rossco decided it was time to attempt writing his own stories; Escape from Tanaka Island is Rossco's second novel.



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