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BLUE LIVES MATTER: The Heart Behind the Badge by Brian P. Whiddon

BLUE LIVES MATTER: The Heart Behind the Badge

by Brian P. Whiddon

384 pages
There is a war against cops in America. A common strategy in warfare is to de-humanize the enemy. Americans need to remember that cops are people, too. These pages provide a rare look into the humanity of a cop on the street. Car chases, fights, arrests, shootings, rapes, deaths – they are all in here. But, this book takes you deeper than that...

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About the Book

A violent war is being waged against cops in America. A common strategy in warfare is to de-humanize the enemy. And, our liberal media is pushing that narrative on an hourly basis.

The fact is the majority of cops are good people, with families, ambitions, mortgages, health issues, feelings, opinions and, most importantly, SELFLESS COURAGE.

Brian Whiddon spent 15 years as a law enforcement officer. In these pages, he gives readers a rare look into the humanity of being a cop on the street. Car chases, fights, arrests, rapes, shootings, deaths – they are all in here. But, Brian takes you deeper than that.

In Blue Lives Matter, you’ll feel the raw, personal emotions that come from a cop’s professional experiences. You’ll learn the conversations that cops have in private. You’ll be introduced to the things all cops know that aren’t part of the academy curriculum.

From being seconds away from shooting a suspect, to dealing with inter-departmental politics, to pulling a pilot out of a fiery plane crash, you’ll learn how it really feels to be a cop.

Laugh at Brian’s antics, fight back tears over stories of tragedy, and burn with anger when you learn what some people get away with. No subject is too sensitive and Brian addresses them all – poverty, racism, homelessness, sexism, political correctness, and even corruption.

Cops are the last thin line of defense between YOU and the violent chaos we are now witnessing in cities like Seattle, Chicago, and Portland. If what you’ve seen on the news hasn’t made you get off the couch yet, and Back the Blue, then you need to read this book. You’ll find that cops are human, just like you.

A portion of all royalties from this book are donated by the author to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Tunnel to Towers has several programs to help the family members of fallen first responders. Mainly, they pay off the mortgages of the homes of fallen heroes so that the family will not have to struggle with the burden of keeping a roof over their heads.

Stephen Siller was a FDNY fireman who was getting off shift on the morning of September 11, 2001. After hearing reports of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center, he called his wife to say he would be home late, jumped in his truck, and raced toward the scene. However, the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel had been closed off for security reasons, and he could not drive through. Stephen strapped 60 pounds of equipment to his back, and ran on foot to the World Trade Center.

He was one of the firemen who lost his life at Ground Zero. I invite you, also, to give to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Please enjoy this book knowing that part of what you paid will be donated to this worthy organization.



Army veteran Brian P. Whiddon delivers in Blue Lives Matter fine insight into the professional and emotional life of an American police officer.

The reader follows his emotional reactions as he with the homeless elder lady on the street, suicidal persons, and domestic disputes and abuse as well as the rescue of a man from a burning airplane.

The compassion of Brian P. Whiddon comes through his pages as he covers his dealings with people whose lives are destroyed, those who live in poverty, and in one case a horror stricken child whose pet hamster was gutted by a burglar who wanted to leave his mark.

Brian P. Whiddon covers as well internal disputes and injustices within the department, the system of reverse racism, and the terrible politics of those who would stamp out law enforcement. Not all is grim however as he shares the antics he and his fellows pull on each other and the friendships that develop among them.

Blue Lives Matter is a book for everyone who wants to know what really goes on behind the badge.

Linda M. Gigliotti Author HowMaster: The Writer’s Guide to Beautiful Word Crafting

For an insightful, frank, first-hand glimpse into the joys, perils, frustrations, and general craziness of a police officer's world, this book has it all.

Given the craziness that abounds in the world today and our current conflicting opinions on the policeman's place in society, this is a timely, beautifully written, must-read by an officer who served with heart, soul, and integrity, first in the military and, later, as a Florida cop.

I was captivated from page one, and the chapters flew by. I heartily recommend Brian Whiddon's book.

Wendy H.



About the Author
Brian Whiddon is an Army veteran, and served in Somalia in 1993. He wore the badge of a law enforcement officer for 15 years. He’s a firearms instructor and an avid outdoorsman, enjoying camping and hiking. He’s spent the last 9 years living on a sailboat he rebuilt in his home state of Florida.



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