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by TJ Olander

332 pages
A missing child; a parentís worst nightmare. For Mary, it was both children. A 14-day parental visit became a nightmare. The children suffer trauma while gone. After an 18-month legal battle, Mary loses, and must send her children again. This time he does the unthinkable, they all disappear. But, where? Maryís hope with God is all that remains.

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book
In a state of desperation, Mary released her children into Godís hands, for sheíd rather know they were dead than to never know where they were. She had run out of money and the investigators had run out of leads; all she had left was hope with God to find her missing children.

Following a disparaging marriage, she filed for divorce and relocated with her children from Texas to Nebraska to be close to her family. Shortly after the move, her ex-husband, Donnie, demanded the children return to Texas with him for a two-week visit. The thought of a two-week visit made Mary incredibly anxious given the very young ages of the children coupled with Donnieís erratic behavior towards them. However, Donnie convinced her the children would be just fine, after all, he was their father.

The reluctantly agreed upon 14-day visit turned into a 31-day nightmare. Upon their return, the mental state of her children was haunting: lifeless expressions, fear to be alone at night, nightmares, distant stares, nervous habits and anxieties. The children had clearly suffered trauma at the hands of their father. Because of their changed demeanors, Mary did everything possible to keep from sending her children again. After an 18-month legal battle between Texas and Nebraska, Mary came up short.

Mary had no choice but to follow the Texas-mandated visitation schedule, despite knowing she was sending her children into harmís way. This time, Donnie did everything to keep Mary from ever seeing her children again, including the unthinkable measure of disappearing without a trace.



About the Author
TJ was born in the mid-west and received her BS from the University of Nebraska. Throughout her working career, her writing experience consisted primarily of technical documents. She is now retired and jumped into the writing world with her debut novel.



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