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The Heart of a Woman: How I Survived Cardiac Arrest and Got My Life Back by Carole Werry

The Heart of a Woman: How I Survived Cardiac Arrest and Got My Life Back

by Carole Werry

176 pages
The Heart of a Woman is a gripping memoir of survival and perseverance after a "widow maker" heart attack and cardiac arrest. All woman need to learn how dangerous stress is to their heart health. Heart attack survivors will be inspired to regain their health by increasing their perseverance.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
The Heart of a Woman is a story of perseverance. It takes you from the fateful life changing day when Carole had a cardiac arrest and a 'widow maker' heart attack at age seventy, through the stages of recovery and complications that occurred. It emphasizes how stress has become a major factor in women having heart attacks.

Carole had experienced years of stress during her thirty-eight-year marriage to a Marine pilot who suffered from extreme PTSD. She stood strong and helped him through his rough psychological episodes. Frequent moves, business failures, medical emergencies, and the worst; toiling in their citrus grove and driving a tractor for a decade, all put huge amounts of stress on her. Episodes that describe saving her daughter's life, stopping a potential home break-in, near fatal hemorrhaging after childbirth, and many more, will have you crying with her, and cheering her on.

Never giving up, always persevering, doing whatever it took to keep her marriage, family and livelihood intact, prepared Carole for the long recovery from her coronary crisis. Then, realizing she was capable of meeting any goal, she eventually had both of her painful arthritic hips replaced. She took charge of her life again.

Her cardiologist urged her to write a book to inspire other heart attack victims to work hard to recover their heart health and general health. The book ends with GETTING YOUR HEART HEALTHY AND KEEPING YOUR HEART HEALTH, A chapter on eating a plant based or Mediterranean diet, exercising, keeping a healthy weight, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all which reduces life-threatening stress.



About the Author
Carole Werry CAROLE WERRY is a Florida native who grew up in Miami. After attending San Diego Mesa College and Texas Tech University, she worked as a medical assistant and eventually a citrus grove owner. As a freelance writer, she has had articles published in Gainesville Today magazine and the Pinecrest Tribune.



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