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Seduce Me! How to Ignite Your Partner's Passion by Darcy A. Cole

Seduce Me! How to Ignite Your Partner's Passion

by Darcy A. Cole

152 pages
Lost the spark? Discover why & learn how to get it back tonight!

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
About the Book

Remember the beginning of your relationship when you couldn't keep your hands off of each other?

When you could hardly concentrate on anything because your mind was always on your partner?

When all you had to do was think about your partner and you became aroused?

What happened? Where did the passion go?

Seduce Me! examines the difficulties couples experience in maintaining satisfying sex lives and draws on scientific and anecdotal evidence to unlock the mysteries of love, lust, and sexual arousal.

In Seduce Me! you'll discover:

How to re-kindle that magic spark...why you're not in the mood and how to get there...the difference between male & female arousal systems...the truth about the G-Spot...what it takes to make your partner want more to develop all the techniques you'll ever need...the key to female sexual desire...the secrets of the world's best to release inhibitions and awaken passion!

"This book is excellent! The process is simple, yet really hits the mark. I've thoroughly enjoyed it."
- Michele D.

"Seduce Me! is such a quick read. I couldn't wait to get to each new chapter."
- Dorrie E.

"Finally a book that helps me understand women!"
- Don A.

"The seduction stories seduced my thoughts, my feelings, and my body. Now it's my boyfriend's turn!"
- Tiffany G.

"Where was this book 10 years ago? Every man and woman needs to read it. Especially a certain ex of mine!"
- Pat S.



About the Author
Via scientific and anecdotal evidence, the author of Seduce Me! explores a topic relevant to all couples: how to rekindle and preserve passion and sexual desire. In addition to writing, her background includes health care management and business consulting. She received her MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.



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