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SPIRITWALKER: The Beginning by Laura Silvana Aversano


by Laura Silvana Aversano

328 pages
Communicating with those beyond the veil and healing one's ancestral wounds is what this Spiritwalker was destined to do. Coming from a long lineage of healers, Mariella struggles with living in two worlds, exploring her abilities to help others, while battling forces that don't want to see her succeed.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
A most untraditional spiritual tale, this is the story of Mariella, a Spiritwalker who spends her life both burdened and blessed with extraordinary gifts bestowed upon her. This journey takes her through parallel realities, retracting an ancestral past in order to manifest a predestined future. In her human desire to find true love and help those who come to her, a battle between good and evil unfolds that involves both heaven and earth. It is a rare glimpse into a Spiritwalker's existence in both worlds. Are loyalty and love enough?



About the Author
Laura Aversano is an ancestral and medical intuitive, empath, and author. She has worked with clients all over the world assisting them in their healing process.



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