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Go Where The Path Leads: Lessons in Leadership From a 'Novel' Approach by Billy J. Whitley

Go Where The Path Leads: Lessons in Leadership From a 'Novel' Approach

by Billy J. Whitley

142 pages
The reader will be introduced to tried and true leadership principles, plus a few newer concepts woven through the story line. Moving between continents from Washington, DC to Texas, Prague to Singapore. And, enjoy a few sea stories along the way.

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About the Book
The path to successful leadership can be a long and twisted road. Along the way there will be bumps, turns, unexpected deviations, and a few roadblocks. In Go Where The Path Leads, the author provides multiple examples of these pitfalls and through the story line, demonstrates lessons in leadership that may help smooth the road.

Tom and Weejy, long-time Navy buddies, have embarked on a new direction, leaving the Navy and corporate America behind. With years of leadership experience and training, they decided to share that knowledge. They embark on a journey that will test their friendship, push their ethics to near breaking, and introduce them to new friends around the world.

Embark on a worldwide journey with Tom and Weejy as they undertake their international consulting enterprise and share their reflections on leadership, as well as a few ‘sea stories’ along the way.

Along the way, the reader will be introduced to tried and true leadership principles that have stood the test of time, plus a few newer concepts that are woven through the story line as the protagonists engage in their consulting and training programs.

While this is a novel of fiction and the personalities, organizations, and events are from the author’s imagination, the lessons on leadership are valid. Through the journeys and adventures of the characters, the author shares his vast experiences, successes, and failures as he takes you to some of the cities and countries he has visited over the years from Washington, DC to Texas and from Prague to Singapore.

Throughout the text, readers will find examples of good leadership and bad leadership, not to mention an intriguing path taken by two friends who try to follow the rules, but find themselves caught in an ethical quagmire of their own doing and trying to find some way to make it right.

Enjoy the exploits of Tom and Weejy as they travel the world, and along the way you just may pick up some tips to help you improve your leadership skills and become a better leader in the workplace.



About the Author
Billy J. Whitley Dr. Billy Jack Whitley earned his Doctor of Management (Organizational Leadership) in 2019. He is retired from the U.S. Navy as a Master Chief Petty Officer (E9). He has completed a triathlon, full marathon, half-marathon, and a run/swim biathlon. He resides in his native state of Texas.



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