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My Story - Inside and Out by Robert Gogerly

My Story - Inside and Out

by Robert Gogerly

412 pages
Commencing on a tiny tropical island, this is the story of a family torn apart by war, an unlikely and surprising re-union, a heart-wrenching tragedy, and a triumphant return to a land of magical memories.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
Accompany the author as he takes you through his adventures.
Born in the tropical island of Sri Lanka at a time when the world was heading into a World War, this story tells of a family separated by these events, and what life was like growing up in a culture that was resilient, kindly and accommodating.

From a school founded by an educator before his time, whose aim was to produce not merely scholars, but gentlemen, share these experiences through to adulthood, and migration to a new land.

Then comes an unlikely and unexpected re-union with his father in far off England, after forty six years.

A tragic and heart-wrenching tragedy follows, with the gradual steps to recovery over several years.

Finally a triumphant return to the home of his youth, is followed by several visits with his family, as they share the magical memories of his youth.


“You tell stories like an artist adds details to a painting”
- Malcolm VanLangenberg
“You’re such a beautiful writer, you pull the reader right in. I cried like a baby”
- Jeanette Gallant
"Your narrative style and flair for words takes your reader to experience your story with you"
- Elizabeth Zabala



About the Author
Robert Gogerly Robert Gogerly was born in Sri Lanka where he grew up and worked before migrating to Australia. He always had an interest in writing and contributed regularly to local publications before moving to a Corporate role in Finance, in Australia. He now lives in Melbourne with his wife Jan.



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