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EYE OF POLITICS: The Nigerian Reality


280 pages
A bird's eye view of the flaws and faults that have eroded the values and dividends of governance in Nigeria.

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
This is a book that documents, politics, and governance in Nigeria. It talks about politicking and how it has led to the failing of the state.

Corruption has eaten into the fabrics of the society, the economy is collapsing, and people are suffering.


I appreciate her for being generous enough to document hers riveting journey and publishing the same to add her unique and priceless experience to the body of knowledge in this area, and to share her experience and opportunities with women who need guidance to make informed political decisions.
- Iyom Josephine Anenih, Esq., mni, FNIM, Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, 2010
This is a good read and a very informative piece. It is a first hand account from a person who was involved in the Nigerian politics for many years. It is very detailed and well documented. This is a most read. It is very educative and worth reading.
- Morenike Bolujoko, Author


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About the Author
DR. SALLY ADUKWU-BOLUJOKO Dr. Sally Bolujoko is like the proverbial cat that has nine lives. She is resilient, having braced the Nigerian political landscape in 2003, 2015, and 2019 with remarkable experiences to savor. She knows what works and what does not. She knows the political gladiators and their arena. She knows the physical strategies for success and the invisible hands that make or mar every political journey. She has a valid reason for characterizing the locals political strategizing as Chesstocracy.



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