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Wave Rider by Mike Settino

Wave Rider

by Mike Settino

292 pages
In the early 22nd century the world is filled with chaos, the economy is destroyed, and the government has imploded under its own corruption. Joe Adams, a reluctant member of a secret society of Wave Riders is charged with solving an impossible cypher. As Puzzle Master, he can then unleash a weapon that will empower the people and save the world.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Dystopian
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About the Book
Joe Adams in the nicest of terms is a rebel and lead singer in his band Twisted Steel, in the most honest of terms he is a forty something smartass who has a ratty voice and hates authority. He lives by his own code passed down by his grandfather Sam, a code he alone understands, and he doesn’t feel the need to explain it to anyone.

For the past five years Joe Adams has been on the run from the government while he seeks the answer to an impossible cypher. A cypher given to him by his grandfather, the last Puzzle Master. He is a reluctant member of a secret society of Wave Riders and destined to become the next Puzzle Master.

Joe’s only friend is Max, the two of them make up the band Twisted Steel and they travel across the country to follow the only clue they have, “Lebanon” to solve the Vigenere Cipher Joe’s grandfather left him. The cypher is a piece of paper with the word Lebanon at the top followed by a grid of the alphabet going across from A to Z and down the page from A to Z. Underneath the grid is a list of letters which seems like gibberish. Joe was taught the ways of the Wave Riders by his grandfather Sam, they travel on internet waves only visible to Wave Riders using a specialized surf board. To keep the masses from revolting against the few who run the country, microchips have been placed in each person, so the masses see an illusion of the world before it went to hell.

Following the clues Joe embarks on a cross country and out of the physical world adventure in a race against the forces of government that are unseen by the public. Quivers Gnorrot is a rumor, a myth he is the secret force that runs the government. He is the subject of all the conspiracy theories, except he is real, and he is ruthless. And he would do anything, sacrifice anyone to stop Joe Adams from using the Wave Rider weapon.

Can Joe Adams solve the puzzles and unleash the weapon before Gnorrot can catch him?



About the Author
Mike Settino grew up in the blue-collar town of Steelton, Pennsylvania. He enjoys a 35+ year career as an IT Professional and held positions from application developer, project manager, to geospatial specialist. Mike was also a PIAA Wrestling referee for 31 years. He likes to ride his motorcycle whenever possible.



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