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A Lesson For Jiggs: For the Young and Old by Murray M Smith

A Lesson For Jiggs: For the Young and Old

by Murray M Smith

32 pages
A Lesson For Jiggs is a fictitious story about a legendary cat named Jiggs. The story portrays Jiggs as a self-aggrandizing cat that has several bad experiences, which turn out to be beneficial to his well-being. Eventually, he realizes this and has a decision to make.

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About the Book
Jiggs was borne into a litter of kittens in 1927, at the Pigeon Point lighthouse along the central California coastline. He immediately endeared himself to the Lighthouse operatorís son, 6-year-old George Henderson by his unusual personality. In 1930, the Hendersonís moved to the Point Lomas Lighthouse where Jiggs continued to gain recognition from his crazy antics. Jiggs died an untimely death in 1936, and was interred in a crypt on the Lighthouse grounds. When the Hendersonís moved again, they couldnít bear to leave their beloved Jiggs behind. So they dug up the crypt and established a new burial site at Point Pinos Lighthouse, in Pacific Grove California. The gravesite head stone has been viewed by thousands of visitors ever since.

Point Pinos Lighthouse was established in the 1850ís by act of congress after this land was ceded to US by Mexico. It is currently the longest continuous operating lighthouse on the West Coast. If you should ever visit this area, the Lighthouse is a must see side trip. Be sure to ask the docents about their story of Jiggs.

A Lesson For Jiggs, is a phantom story about Jiggs, a real life cat. The real Jiggs was by anyones definition a character, and like most cats lived by the rules written only for cats when time began. The Jiggs that exists in the mind of the author may be exaggerated but should not be unfamiliar to cat lovers. The personification of Jiggs, for purposes of a child's story, attempts to show that his traits are not as well tolerated in human kind. An attempt is made to have the young mind question Jiggs prejudgement of occurrences as how it effects him and his life and not the potential benefit to others. The Black Crow is a messenger existing in the mind of Jiggs, more commonly called a conscience as we know it. The correct choices in life, be they ever so small, help establish a foundation for the young mind to flourish as adults.

The author is particularly fond of the work of Jonathon Wilson. Jonathon's portrayal of the characters are evidence of his talent and his desire to share this talent with you, the reader.


I donít really adore cats, but I LOVE Jiggs! This story is cute, funny, and has a great message - listen to your mother! The illustrations are spectacular. I canít wait for Jiggís next adventure.
- David Brown, Faculty , King Kamehameha III Elementary School



About the Author
The Author: Murray M. Smith was born in 1934, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He spent his early years on the East side of Detroit. Murray received a BS degree from Michigan State University, after serving a tour of duty with the US Marine Corps. With sheepskin in hand he headed west, and in 1967, Mr. Smith founded a consulting engineering company in Sacramento, California. He served as president and CEO until 1992. The Company, now known as ďMSA Engineering,Ē celebrated its 50th year reunion in 2017, and is still active today. Murray now resides in Hawaii, on the Island of Maui, with his wife Carol of fifty years.



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