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Animal Love and Other Stuff by John Combs

Animal Love and Other Stuff

by John Combs

138 pages
This book is a potpourri or miscellaney of serious, light, and nonsense poetry, accompanied by a few prose pieces.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
ANIMAL LOVE AND OTHER STUFF comprises four basic sections.

The first part, "Animal Love," contains love poems in which the author addresses his mate as if they were both animals of the same species.

Part two, "Other Animal Stuff," offers primarily light-toned verse involving animals, with a couple of prose pieces thrown in.

The third section, "Somewhat More Serious Stuff," presents poems with considerably more sober themes than the other parts do.

The fourth part, "Somewhat Less Serious Stuff and Other Inanities," easily qualifies as nonsense poery and prose. The writer wrote this stuff purely for fun and hopes readers will find a few laughs here.


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About the Author
John Combs, Professor Emeritus of English at Kentucky Wesleyan College, earned his BA in speech and journalism at Southwest Oklahoma State University, his BD in theology at Southern Methodist University, his MA in English at Texas A&M University, and his PhD in English at the University of Texas. John taught British literature and writing at McMurry College for two years and at Kentucky Wesleyan College for 42 years.



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