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This Is the Day by J.A. Fulkerson

This Is the Day

by J.A. Fulkerson

278 pages
Two professionals in the music world enter the Foster Better Kind of Care Program. This leads them into a world of bullying, child abduction, and child abuse. Alanna and Jared are determined to bring two sisters out of that world and give them a better life. Charlotte saves Janet from a teenage boy bent on abducting her.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Two sisters, Janet and Charlotte, comc into the foster care program when Alanna and Jared, two professionals in the music world, take on the responsibility of their care. But Alanna and Jared find that the Charlotte becomes the victim of bullying at her junior high school. Janet becomes the victim of teenage abductor who sees her as he object of his sick fancy. Even Alanna is taken in by a new neighbor, Gretchen, who confesses to having been a part of a prostitution setup run by a man with whom she had become involved romantically. When Janet is abducted by that same man, it is Gretchen who risks her life to gain Janet's release and bring her back to Alanna and Jared.

Upon learning that Charlotte has a very good and potentially commercially appealing singing voice, Alanna arranges for vocal coaching by a former professional singer to prepare Charlotte for a possible singing career, Janet's flair for designing fashion jewelry prompts Jared and Alanna to enroll her in a prestigious school to learn the craft and work toward a career.

Distant relatives of the girls apparently learn of their good fortune and conspire to gain custody of the girls at a time when Jared and Alanna have decided to adopt them.



About the Author
J.A. Fulkerson has written three novels and three screenplays. Early in her career she had several country songs published and recorded, and has written poems on various subjects which have appeared online. Two of her early screenplays placed in the top seventy-five in a Writer's Digest contest.



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